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Hair by Ray Gatchalian

Master Stylist


My Hair Moment was one year after the beginning...

"Thinking to the beginning, I always wanted to work with Suki's. Only the best could work there, I was working in a small shop downtown. My boss was Aussie, and hired two guys that had learned how to cut with Suki. Their technique was so different, my goal was to learn this Vidal Sassoon method and my current boss knew this.  He called to set up an interview. Suki's stylist Jean Pierre, a very dynamic man with lots of charisma and a heavy French accent, called me to work two weeks later. One year later Suki had heard about my work and was I was honoured and star struck.  She invited me to come to South Granville, I've been here since."


Find Ray at
South Granville

3157 South Granville Street, 


  • BeautySafe Certified
  • 30+ Years
  • Trained in the Suki's Academy by the world renowned Vivian MacKinder
  • and by Jacques Dessange

Conversation starters

  • Discuss the attributes of Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana
  • Get nostalgic over 80s music
  • Be entertained by stories of film and runway fashion