SGms | Rod Steisslinger

Rod Steisslinger is one of our most popular stylists. He is a gifted technical cutter with a great flourish to his finished work. Rod is particularly gifted with long hair styling


Hair by Rod Steisslinger

Master Stylist 


My Hair Moment was escorting hair royalty

"I've been to NYC with Suki for Intercoiffure, to experience New York with her and all the people she knows. Before social media, gatherings like this were how you got to know people, and to be on Suki's arm was pretty cool. Best yet, it was my birthday weekend; Staying at the historic Waldorf; a party at the Starlight Room; getting to really connect was simply the best."


Find Rod at
South Granville

3157 South Granville Street, 


  • BeautySafe Certified
  • 30+ years


Conversation starters

  • His mother was an award-winning hairstylist in the 1970s
  • Rod was trained by renowned Educator Vivienne MacKinder in the Suki's Academy
  • A bit of a foodie, so be sure to ask for suggestions
  • Strike up a conversation about Art, Fashion, Travel