Hair by Saori Nakazono

Master Stylist| Instructor
Salon Team Leader
Instagram @saoriAtSukis


Hair Moments with hair icons

"My first hair idol, Kathy Simon, used to teach at Suki’s Academy. I saw Kathy’s hair cut at Suki’s Academy in 1997. She is the one who taught me how to cut hair and she is the one who planted a seed in me. I am still growing this tree and enjoying cutting hair. 'Thank you Kathy for letting me find what I love to do.' I have been teaching Suki’s academy for over 10 years and trying to plant a seed in my students just like she did for me. She changed my life big time."


Find Saori at

Suki's Downtown

206 - 1030 West Georgia

  • BeautySafe Certified
  • English and Japanese

  • 20+ Years


Conversation starters

  • Finding peace in flower arranging
  • Her favourite meditation
  • Nature is very important to Saori
  • Music - can you guess what kind
  • Ask her about life's adventure with red wine, food and travel