DTs | Saori Nakazono

Saori Nakazono is an exceptionally articulate cutter who can create anything from classic geometric looks to Asian street styles (and everything in between!) with equal ease and flair. 

Hair by Saori Nakazono

Master Stylist| Instructor
Salon Team Leader
Instagram @saoriAtSukis

Hair Moments with hair icons

"My first hair idol, Kathy Simon, used to teach at Suki’s Academy. I saw Kathy’s hair cut at Suki’s Academy in 1997. She is the one who taught me how to cut hair and she is the one who planted a seed in me. I am still growing this tree and enjoying cutting hair. 'Thank you Kathy for letting me find what I love to do.' I have been teaching Suki’s academy for over 10 years and trying to plant a seed in my students just like she did for me. She changed my life big time."