Tai Do | Suki's Salon | Downtown Vancouver

Tai Do


Tai always thought he wanted to move to New York City and study fashion design or art of some sort but then happened to interview at Suki’s when he was 17, fell in love with the company and has been there ever since. His favourite part about Suki’s is how diverse the company is. Through his 30 years of working here he has met so many incredible, talented and wonderful people which is also why he feels like Suki’s is home to him.

For inspiration he gets it from travels, museums, admiring architecture and simply just people watching. When he isn’t working he tends to be a bit of a homebody. He loved to cook for friends and family and if its nice out you’ll most likely spot him hiking somewhere in the Vancouver area. His top 5 restaurant in the city? Tavola, St Lawrence, Nightingale, Kissa Tanto and OddFish.

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