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Hair by Tai Do

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My Hair Moment, was the 'I DID IT' kind

"I remembered the time our Suki’s team traveled to Las Vegas and did a HairColor USA show. I had 2 minutes on stage to complete an updo on my model, it was an unforgettable rush that I had that day and I will always remember that moment like: 'I DID IT.' We also had a huge standing ovation from the audience and people came up after the show and congratulated us. I’m so thankful for the support that I have throughout my career."


Find Tai at

Suki's Downtown

206 - 1030 West Georgia

  • BeautySafe Certified

  • English and Vietnamese.

  • 25+ Years



Conversation starters

  • How to have healthy, shiny hair
  • Debate runway styles, street fashion
  • Asks about new insights into art and history