Hair by Yum Leung

Senior Stylist 


My Hair Moment came at the exact right point in life

"I used to cut and perm my mom's hair when I was only 10 years old.  I did not always do a great job but I did enjoy it. Later, I was inspired to do the hair of my friends who were in a band. It was at that point in life when you are naturally looking to your future. It was suggested, why not make money doing this. I knew, next, I'd go to school and learn professional techniques."


Find Yum at
South Granville

3157 South Granville Street, 


  • BeautySafe Certified
  • 25+ Years
  • She is particularly adept at pixie cuts and curly hair



Conversation starters

  • Tell a joke, she has an infectious laugh
  • Finds joy in Kathy Simon, Vidal Sassoon, people on the street, and young kids
  • Ask her about local hair shows