TRENDS | 5 Met Gala hairstyles that we love

When “Camp” was officially announced as the 2019 Met Gala theme there was so much confusion on what this meant and how these looks could be achieved. The easiest way to explain Camp is exaggeration… which is also why designers had such a fun time creating these custom designs because they got to really think outside of the box and had the ability to create something that they usually otherwise wouldn’t. With this being said most of the looks you saw on the red carpet isn’t something you would necessarily see in real life… but we of coarse were in “awe” of many of the hairstyles. Here we have compiled our top 5 favourite styles that you would be able to re-create!

Candice Swanepoel | Met Gala |
Hailey Bieber | Met Gala

The high ponytail is here to stay and we are absolutely here for it - it really gives a youthful and done-up feel. Also, on another note… scrunchies are now also approved for elite and fancy events.


Bobs… they’re everywhere and if you’ve ever been curious or wanting to cut your hair. Now is the time!


Since we are on the subject of short hair… why not go even shorter? We absolutely love this look on Bella (even though it’s a wig) and think more women should rock pixie cuts!


Forget the pretty and perfect ringlet curls, the mermaid waves is the way to go and good news for you - it’s extremely easy to create and can be done heat free. To learn how to create them check out our previous blogpost here.


For the bold and brave! If you’re really wanting a big change but cutting your locks isn’t necessarily what you’re looking for… why not test out a new fun colour for summer? This will sure spice up your look and make heads turn!

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